We were lucky enough to discuss the topic of branded web series with Wilson Cleveland, a creator whose work in this field is among the most varied and successful.

"As a producer, you need to be really candid from the beginning. Chances are, this is the brand’s first web series you’re producing, so you sometimes need to remind them they are spending money to create their own media property to tell their own story. There is a reason people fast-forward through ads on their DVR: because they can. The sponsor is certainly aware of this, which is likely at least one reason they are investing in creating an entire web show in the first place, but sometimes they need to be reminded. Online we’ll patiently sit through a 15 second pre-roll on Hulu because we know at the other end we’ll be rewarded with that episode of our favorite TV show we hate ourselves for missing. With brand-sponsored web shows, if the “reward” is the ad, you’ve just lost your audience."
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