CJP to launch Buffett series (link)

NEW YORK: Author Alice Schroeder recently enlisted CJP Communications to launch an online, promotional documentary series to coincide with the release of the first authorized biography of Warren Buffett.

Schroeder authored The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, about the Berkshire Hathaway CEO. The videos give a behind-the-scenes look at the places she and Buffett met to work on the book, which was five years in the making.

“The ‘digimentary' takes readers on a visual journey through Warren's life, highlighting interesting stories,” wrote Schroeder, in an e-mail. “We hope that some potential readers will find the story online, be intrigued enough to buy the book, and will contribute to word of mouth.”

CJP began working with her and book publisher Bantam in July on the PR effort. The firm is conducting outreach to financial and business media, executing the digital components of the PR push, and counseling on messaging.

“Video is the best way to capture [Schroeder's] enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion,” said Wilson Cleveland, VP of digital at CJP and the digimentary's executive producer. “It's supposed to be every bit about Alice as it is about Warren.”

The first segment of the digimentary premiered on the book's release date, September 29. Eight to 10 three-minute segments will premiere Mondays and Tuesdays through November 18. All will be available on YouTube, Blip.tv, iTunes, and Facebook.