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How are you promoting the series to your audience?

Well, we had the fortune of getting a great PR representative, Wilson Cleveland of CJP Digital, out of New York. He has been largely responsible for most of the success we have experienced. PR is probably the single most important aspect of a new project, for the simple fact that nobody will know you exist otherwise. Even if you have the best project on Earth, if nobody can watch it then it's pointless. It's like the old adage: Is it better to make great art, or have people see it? Well, that's sort of a subjective matter, but my opinion is... if nobody sees it, can it even be considered art? Because art is supposed to affect the mind and opinions of those viewing it.

Marketing and promoting tips for content creators.

Like I said before, most of our success was based around good PR. But we met Wilson by proactively immersing ourselves in the new media scene. We found which organizations were responsible for what, and when various meet-ups or gatherings would occur, and then made sure to attend them. Tubefilter's meet-ups are some of the best places, in my opinion, to network with people in new media. All of our success can be attributed to various people we have met and connected with at these myriad places. But on another note, we cannot forget the grassroots importance of awareness either. Before we met Wilson, we utilized social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness to all of our friends. That's also an invaluable resource that you need to take advantage of. Social networking is free advertisement, and you should definitely embrace it.

Distribution tips for content creators.

Same as above, we received all of our distribution opportunities by attending events and meeting people in the new media scene. If you live in Los Angeles or New York it's obviously much easier to find events like these. But if you are out of town, I would recommend researching new media distributors and directly contacting them. New media is blowing up fast, but it is still nascent enough that young hopefuls with good content can infiltrate the market. But be quick about it, because new media will be traditional media soon enough!

Where can readers go to watch or get information on the series?
We are currently re-vamping our main website with EQAL, and it can be found at You can also watch the series unfold at,,, iTunes, Zune, DailyMotion, and are in talks with many other opportunities in the future. You can also join the fanpage on Facebook: or follow on Twitter: @fallofkaden.