From Temp Life writer (and guest temp) Yuri Baranovsky's Wild Musings of a Web Celebrity blog:


Excerpt: The Temp Life (add them on Facebook too!) has released a new episode and it’s easily my favorite. If you don’t know, the Temp Life was one of the first sponsored shows on the web, started a little after Break a Leg by Wilson Cleveland — a man who just about everyone knows and has been rufied by in the “web series business.”

Mr. Cleveland hired me to write the current season (which was really just an arc of short episodes) and apparently liked me enough to hire me for the next batch as well (Felicia Day was busy). Wilson, by the way, pays a writer better than just about anyone else — plus, he bought me lunch when I was in NY, which pretty much means I owe him my first born (who will sadly be named Wilson).

Sandeep Parikh of The Guild and The Legend of Neil guest stars in this batch (and I’ll make an appearance too — you just wait and see!) and he’s funny as per usual.

This season is being shot by Andrew Park and Jato Smith and their company, Tailslating — they created the web series, the Hayley Project, which you should also check out because you love web shows. And by you I mean the royal you. All of you. And the King (“royal you” is a bizarre turn of phrase, isn’t it?).