Last week at SXSW, I was lucky to join Andrew Hampp (Ad Age), Melissa Fallon (Davie Brown Entertainment), Chris Hanada (Retrofit Films) and Milo Ventimiglia (DiVide Pictures, Heroes) on a panel called Web Series 2.0: Big Campaigns on Digital Dollars where I talked about creating The Temp Life and our marketing/distribution strategy for Easy to AssembleRead audience Tweets and links to our panel's press coverage:
THE HUFFINGTON POST, Best and Worst-Dressed Brands of SXSWi

Wilson Cleveland of CJP understands that "social" does not mean "informal," it means "open" and hilarious to watch. The distribution was brilliant. When I hear about projects like this, I get giddy, because it's obviously about making good for the client, but it's also about making great art that is great business.

The Irish Times, New Directions in Technology

A panel on Big Campaigns on Digital Dollars examined how Ikea and the television networks behind such shows as Gossip Girl and Heroes were seeking to get more bang from less bucks by way of viral videos and online campaigns. Sometimes, it came down to drawing in fans of the brand to get involved. “Ikea is like Apple, but with tables,” commented panellist Wilson Cleveland of CJP Digital Media about this approach.