The online video advertising model isn’t broken. It’s yet to be discovered.

Online video is the fastest growing medium in the history of the world, so it’s easy to forget the longest-running web series only dates back to 2003, YouTube launched merely four years ago, and it’s been just over three years since Steve Jobs showed an episode of Tiki Bar TV on his video iPod. (To give that timeline at least some perspective, it took 10 years for television to figure out soap operas were financially viable vehicles to sell soap, and even Sergey and Larry needed 3 years to discover AdWords.)

OnfrontNYC showed that when brands heed Jordan Levin’s call to action to help discover an advertising model that works, they’ll have a helluva lot of of quality programs on which to pitch their products.

Next week, we’ll be posting a rundown of the content screened at the event and along with video recaps, including Jordan Levin’s keynote address and our panel on bridging the gap between brands and digital media moderated by Brian Stelter of the New York Times with Christine Beardsell of Digitas, Ian Schafer of Deep Focus, and Doug Scott of Ogilvy.

In the meantime, you can check out most of the reels from the new media studios showcased at OnfrtonNYC. NewTeeVee has a rundown of the good, the meh, and the awesome, but I encourage you to watch the reels for yourself.

And we’d also like to give a special thanks to our OnfrontNYC sponsors that made the event possible: Delve Networks, CJP, Scanscout, Placevine, Metranome, and Tubemogul.