New Media, Transmedia, Web Video, Web Series, Web Television, whatever you want to call “it,” “it” is the future. Anyone reading Tubefilter, which has a mission “to grow the audience of web television,” knows this. Considering this, the traditional media complex is not going anywhere anytime soon. Too often the traditional media industry belittles internet video, which is why it is refreshing to see a media mainstay, like the Writer’s Guild East pursuing an active role in promoting new media.

The Writer’s Guild 2.0 initiative could very well help close the divide between traditional and new media. This initiative corralled a slew of new media signatories (full list below) and brought them together to form a New Media Caucus within the guild.

  • CJP Digital – CJP Digital produces several web series – all live action, including The Temp Life
  • Concierge: The Series – Original live action web series.
  • Confirmed Bachelors – Original animated web series.
  • Dinosaur Diorama TV – Production company – creator of several live action web series, The Burg.

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