The Web's New Fall LineupThe boldest move in network TV this fall? The Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday nights. Yawn. But on the web, new-media networks like Funny or Die and performers such as Felicia Day are producing imaginative shows that redefine must-see viewing -- whether you watch on an iPad or a web-enabled TV. Sit back, relax, and reprogram your prime time.

We love you Fast Company for devoting an entire nine pages spotlighting this industry we and so many of of our friends, colleagues and partners have been working to advance for years. As the creator of the first brand-sponsored web series in 2006, we're thrilled more of the mainstream media and major brands are recognizing the inherent business and marketing value proposed by original online entertainment. The Temp Life and Easy to Assemble are included among the best branded entertainment series. Read the special section here.