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Is Branded Content Helping or Hurting the Online Video Community?

“I would argue TV shows and movies like ‘Fashion Star’ and ‘The Internship’ that are branded within an inch of their lives cheapen traditional media as much if not more than a few sponsored video misfires on YouTube."

Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year's Alexis Boozer and Josh Malina presenting at last year's IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas.

We're thrilled to announce Leap Year, the original series we produce for our clients at Hiscox Small Business Insurance has been nominated for 3 IAWTV Awards including Best Ensemble Performance, Best Writing (Drama) and Best Drama Series. This year's awards will be held at CES in Las Vegas Tuesday January 8th. Read the full list of nominees here. Congrats to all. See you in Vegas!