Production has begun on Leap Year , a ten-episode scripted comedy web series that explores the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs and small business owners encounter when starting up their businesses.

Leap Year follows five friends and co-workers who make a pact to take the proverbial 'leap' into entrepreneurship and start their own individual businesses after being downsized by their employer. Over the course of the ten-episode series, each character encounters unique challenges and experiences the triumphs and setbacks familiar to every small business owner.

Leap Year was developed in collaboration with Hiscox USA's communications agency CJP Communications and is being produced through its CJP Digital Media group. The series was written by Yuri and Vlad Baranovsky of Happy Little Guillotine Films, the creative team behind some of the web's most-successful series including Break a Leg, 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally and the forthcoming Lovemakers, and features a cast of established web series talent that includes Alexis Boozer ( Break a Leg), Wilson Cleveland ( Suite 7, The Temp Life), Daniela DiIorio ( Lovemakers), Mark Gantt ( The Bannen Way), Drew Lanning ( 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally) and Rachel Risen ( The Temp Life, The Hayley Project).

Leap Year will premiere online later this spring and will be available for stream or download across multiple online, mobile and video-on-demand channels.