We're thrilled to announce that out of over one thousand submissions from around the world, TWO web series UNboxd has produced this year have been nominated by an international jury of media/entertainment leaders for prestigious "Interactive Rockies" awards at this year's 

Banff World Media Festival

 in Toronto! And our nominees are:

Best Online Program - Branded Entertainment:

The Webventures of Justin & Alden, "The Last Episode,"

written by Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning, directed by Sean Becker, co-starring Wilson Cleveland, Felicia Day, Shannen Doherty, Alden Ford, Tony Janning, Matt Knudsen, Justin Tyler, Robin Thorsen and Milo Ventimiglia.  Produced in association with Horizon Media for Trident Layers®.   

Best Online Program - Drama:

Suite 7, "Company,

" written by Yuri Baranovsky directed by Mark Gantt, starring Shannen Doherty and Wilson Cleveland. Presented by the Better Sleep Council. Distributed online by Lifetime Networks.  

Here is the full list of nominees.