We're thrilled to have been a part of putting together two big news stories, which came out today, that we feel could point to a potential boon for the web tv community and signal a turning point toward a broader adoption of original web series as part of the marketing mix.  Even more thrilling is the generous coverage given to our projects Easy to Assemble and The Temp Life, two of Advertising Age's 'Five Branded Web Series That Work;' as well as our partners, friends and favorites like Illeana Douglas,EQALElisa DonovanRob BarnettMy Damn Channel and NextNewNetworks who are helping make this growing industry worthy of attention and more important, worthy of investment.    

Here are the day's big news stories:  

The New York TimesAfter Drought, Hope for Shows Made for Web

Advertising AgeIf You Build a Web Series Around It, Will They Come?