The First-Annual Web Television All-Star Team (Link)

It’s Spring time again. The grass is green, the sun is finally warm on your skin. It’s time to check the pockets of your heavy coat - so recently a daily companion - for anything important and then stash it away. January is past, but let’s face it, Spring is really when it feels like a new year.

We thought we’d celebrate Spring in our own way, by munching a box of not-as-good-as-we-remembered Cracker Jack and picking out the impact players of the long winter. As baseball season kicks off into high gear, Broadcast Assassin is fielding it’s first ever team of Web Television All-Stars.

There are quite a few major players in the league at this point, and by next year it will be much harder to narrow down the field. However, if you were to name an All-Star team at this point, we believe it would look something like this.