The Onfronts: The Good, the Meh and the AWESOME (Link to Full Article)

So. Much. Online. Content.

This week brought us the first annual Onfronts, a presentation of what the year ahead has to offer in online video. Like the oldteevee upfronts from which they get their name, the Onfronts are a way for content providers to show potential advertisers just where their money could be going, and just how many eyeballs could be taking a gander at those logos. Of course, we here at NewTeeVee Station aren’t looking to invest big bucks for big traffic; we just wanna see all the previews and judge which will be the most squee-worthy.

It’s a noble calling, really. And we do it all for you. So here’s what’s coming up.

What looks good:

New seasons of old favorites. The promo for Prom Queen: The Homecoming was full of quick cuts and short on plot points, but, much like actual prom queens, the series doesn’t need details to get us to show up. They have us at Prom Queen. Likewise, new seasons of The Legend of Neil and Wainy Days seem like they’re going to bring more of the quirky fun that hooked viewers in the first place.

Take180 presented an impressive slate — I <3 Vampires pokes a little fun at Twilight-level fandom, My Date turns viewer-submitted dating horror stories into guffaw-worthy sketches, and Electric Spoofaloo, well, spoofs stuff.

Also intriguing are CJP's The Mercury Men, which did for retro-cool in one brief preview what “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” failed to do in an entire film, and Hillers, a dark comedy about a man in an ever-faster downward spiral. (Plus, there’s a mysterious and possibly evil hot chick who keeps talking to him, but where she fits in remains to be seen.)

Embedded above is a player from the Onfronts loaded with a playlist of all the videos discussed.