There haven’t been enough modern noir dramas in the web video world, if you ask me, and Fall of Kaden, produced by Tape 6 and CJP Digital Media, fills that slot nicely.

In the 10-episode series now running on (whose player, I have to say, has recently dramatically improved), Kaden the loan shark (Adam Leiphart) lends his last $10,000 to a gambler with a tragic past (Brian Troyan), tangling together their lives and leading the way towards an epic confrontation. Kaden doesn’t provide much in the way of mystery, but its depiction of addiction and despair creates a world in which everyone is under someone or something’s thumb — even Kaden himself.

Now on episode 4, Kaden’s benefited from some great press recently, including a mention in The New York Times, and as an example of independent web drama, it’s a solid representation of the medium’s ability to showcase original voices. The series is also extremely well-shot and produced.

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