How The Webventures of Justin & Alden Survived the Streamy Awards

By Liz Shannon Miller

Excerpt:The Webventures of Justin and Alden features almost everyone currently worth talking about in the space.  The five episodes ruthlessly parody major web series like The Guild and The Bannen Way, but do so with the guidance of some of the best comedic talent in web content today, thanks to direction by The Guild‘s Sean Becker and writing by Legend of Neil‘s Tony Janning and Sandeep Parikh. An almost countless number of web video stars appear over the course of the often very, very funny series.

Just one problem: The entire series was constructed around the Streamy Awards, with major plot points actually filmed at the event (including an onstage interruption captured during the live broadcast). The decision to do this, however, was made without realizing how badly things might go at the actual show. So I asked Cleveland a few questions via email about the architecture of the series and how Trident reacted to the execution of the awards (including the truth behind the rumors that Trident tried to get its sponsorship money back afterwards). An edited version of our conversation follows:

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