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Continuing our exclusive interview with Wilson Cleveland, webseries veteran and producer of The Webventures of Justin & Alden. Here Wilson talks about the Streamys themselves and gives some advice for aspiring web creators:

PRG: What would your advice be to aspiring webseries creators – what should they be doing to get their webseries noticed?

WC: I could go on forever with this question but here are my top 4 pieces of advice:

- Make the show you want to make because there’s an audience for everything.

- Know the audience you’re making your series for, find out where they hang out online: what blogs they read, what blogs they write, what videos they watch, who they follow on Twitter, what they Like on Facebook, etc. Then start talking to them about your show.

- Syndicate your show to every video site that makes sense to your audience. Not sure what those are? Use sites like Compete and Quantcast to get the demographics but if nothing else, YouTube and are musts.

- Email a link to your show to Tubefilter and NewTeeVee. A write-up on one or both let’s your fellow creators know you’ve arrived and once you’re on the community’s radar, you’ll find we’re a very supportive bunch.

PRG: Talk has turned to how LA-centric webseries appear to be since most webseries seem to come out of LA. Do you think that is inevitable and will it continue in the future? 

WC: I live in New York, home of My Damn Channel and NextNewNetworks, among others so I’m not totally sold on the idea that most web series come out of L.A; which is not to say I believe web series ONLY come out of those two cities. Web series come from anywhere and everywhere, which is what makes the medium so exciting and interesting. Anyone But Me, Auto-Tune The News, Wainy Days, The Hayley Project, The Temp Life, The ‘Burg, Key of Awesome, Rocketboom, Vendr.TV are all New York-based web series, so we can still represent!

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