The Temp Life has kind of flown under the radar in terms of branded web series successes, but ever since it first convinced a blue-chip sponsor to back the web comedy back in mid 2006, it has trekked on steadily delivering for both its audience (over 1 million views) and its sponsor.

At first glance it portends to be quite possibly another blah-blah office comedy, but the concept is actually pretty novel, given the show’s sponsor, real-life recruiting and staffing company Spherion. Take a comical look at small off-brand temp agencies, well known to job-hopping New Yorkers, and show what could happen if you don’t end up with one of the big boys like Spherion. The fictional agency, Commodity Staffing, carves out its niche as the dredges of temp jobs—think changing crusty urinal cakes and 24/7 lifecasting of a stuck-up socialite.

So far the series has produced episodes off and on, with a total of 17 released through three seasons. Production values are arguably modest, and at this point are considerably dated in terms of newer web series. Creator Wilson Cleveland, who’s firm CJP Digital produced the series, wore most of the hats early on, serving as writer, producer and even star, playing the bungling office boss Nick “Trouble” Chiapetta. But for this newest batch of six episodes, he tells us they are stepping it up and bringing on some names we recognize from the web series scene.

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