Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year's Alexis Boozer and Josh Malina presenting at last year's IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas.

We're thrilled to announce Leap Year, the original series we produce for our clients at Hiscox Small Business Insurance has been nominated for 3 IAWTV Awards including Best Ensemble Performance, Best Writing (Drama) and Best Drama Series. This year's awards will be held at CES in Las Vegas Tuesday January 8th. Read the full list of nominees here. Congrats to all. See you in Vegas!

NATPE Awards Leap Year with Digital Luminary for Branded Entertainment

Hunter Hoffmann from Hiscox and CJP's Wilson ClevelandWe're thrilled to announce that NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) has awarded Leap Year, the scripted original comedy we produced with Happy Little Guillotine for Hiscox Small Business Insurance with its 2012 Digital Luminary in the branded entertainment category, which recognizes excellence in an original online video series that is funded primarily through a brand sponsor. Other 2012 Digital Luminary recipients include NASA, Yahoo!, Charlie Todd and the original series Aim High 9Cambio) and Wainy Days (My Damn Channel).  

Recipients in categories ranging from Branded Entertainment Series to Online Video Personality will be honored during an awards presentation hosted by our friend Alex Albrecht at noon on Wed, Jan. 25 during NATPE 2012 in Miami. The event will also be streamed live at www.natpemarket.com/digilumi.

Read the entire NATPE announcement here.

2011: Begun the Online Video Turf War Has

From a guest post written by CJP Digital Founder, Wilson Cleveland for Tubefilter News.

"Make no mistake my friends, 2011 will be remembered as the year sh*t got real in online video. This year the bastions of web video, no longer satisfied with “digital dollars,” made some of their boldest grabs yet at television’s multi-billion dollar advertising business by emulating the look, feel and business of…television. Welcome to progress."

Read the full post here.

New TeeVee - Why we’re going to keep calling them “web series"

Great to be included in Liz Miller's GigaOm piece with superstars like Tim Shey, Steve WoolfPhil DeFranco and BlackBoxTV creator Tony Valenzuela.

“I think the ‘web series’ concept has evolved from being a type of entertainment that was ‘platform specific’ to one that’s ‘platform agnostic,’” Cleveland said. “The evolution of digital technology has been the most significant change agent in the evolution of the ‘web series’ simply because the delivery platforms have changed.” Cleveland’s Hiscox-branded comedy Leap Year, for example, was distributed via Hulu Plus, and was thus watchable across all platforms, including television.

Read the full GigaOm article here

iThentic - Wilson Cleveland Talks Leap Year, Suite 7, Temp Life & Webventures

We were lucky enough to discuss the topic of branded web series with Wilson Cleveland, a creator whose work in this field is among the most varied and successful.

"As a producer, you need to be really candid from the beginning. Chances are, this is the brand’s first web series you’re producing, so you sometimes need to remind them they are spending money to create their own media property to tell their own story. There is a reason people fast-forward through ads on their DVR: because they can. The sponsor is certainly aware of this, which is likely at least one reason they are investing in creating an entire web show in the first place, but sometimes they need to be reminded. Online we’ll patiently sit through a 15 second pre-roll on Hulu because we know at the other end we’ll be rewarded with that episode of our favorite TV show we hate ourselves for missing. With brand-sponsored web shows, if the “reward” is the ad, you’ve just lost your audience."
Read the full interview here.

Hiscox Small Business Insurance Renews Leap Year for Season 2, Launches Summer 2012!

We're pleased to officially announce that Leap Year, the original comedy series about 5 newbie startup co-founders we produced for Hiscox Small Business Insurance will return for its second season this summer! Huge thanks to all who watched, liked, Tweeted and supported the show last season. The complete first season is currently available on Hulu and make sure you Like Leap Year on Facebook and/or Follow @leapyeartv on Twitter for the latest Leap Year-related news, extras and updates! 

Producers Guild of America Digital 25

We were honored to be a part of this year's Variety-sponsored Producers Guild of America "Digital 25: Leaders in Emerging Entertainment" reception, hosted by Illeana Douglas, honoring digital innovators like Alicia Keys, Pixar, Sony, Seth Green, Zooey Deschannel, Funny or Die, Kickstarter and our buddy Felicia Day for her work as creator of The Guild. Congratulations to the honorees!

Here is Variety's coverage of the evening:
Variety: Books are for Schnooks - PGA, Variety Honor Leaders in Emerging Digital Entertainment 

Wilson Cleveland, Felicia Day, Mary Lynn Rajskub

Easy to Assemble Season 3 Premiere

Attended the season 3 premiere of the IKEA©-sponsored web comedy: Easy to Assemble last week. Craig Bierko, Julie Warner, Mark Gantt and the 'Leap Year' cast/producers were there.  You can watch the new season on My Damn Channel.

Cast of Leap Year http://leapyear.tv


Does ‘Web’ in ‘Web Series’ Keep Mainstream at Bay?

Interesting question posed on Twitter recently by What’s Trending host Shira Lazar:

 Lets just stop calling online shows “web series”- instead go with “original series” on x platform - thoughts?

I found after Tweeting an intial response, I had more to say so here goes:

Short answer: AGREED! Long answer: Whenever possible, I avoid the term ‘web series.’ Sometimes a client will insist upon qualifying whatever we’re producing as such (typically a scripted, longer-form series) and I do my best to convince them we’re better off going with ‘original series’ and here’s why: The average media consumer judges their entertainment by the platform it’s released on. They just do. I’ve always believed one of the more obvious roadblocks online programming faces in achieving mainstream awareness (and mainstream money) lies with how the mainstream perceives the web itself.

I recently asked my 64 years-young mother to email the Hulu link to the trailer for ashow I was working on to 10 of her friends of similar age and introduce it as an “original series.” All 10 watched and responded favorably. Then I asked her to send the exact same link to 10 other friends of similar age, but call it a “web series.” This time, 4 people claimed “the link doesn’t work;” 2 said the “video won’t play;” 1 asked “what channel is this on?;” 1 asked “How do I find this so I know when to watch? Only 2 out of the second 10 watched the trailer without any questions or issues.

Not exactly a scientific study but it made me wonder even more if placing the word “web” in front of “series” or “show,” is hurting our cause at raising the broader awareness we need to grow? Send a link promising a “original series,” it gets opened with no problem; send the same link but call it a “web series” and suddenly the same content becomes confusing and inaccessible. Just something to think about.